Why Its Madness To Spend So Much Effort Pressuring China to Reduce CO2 output

...because CO2 is the least of its pollution problems.  See here.   As the West has proven over the last century, it is entirely possible to have economic growth and modern technology while maintaining clean water and soot-free air.  So why don't we let China focus on that?  It is entirely unproven whether modern technology will allow economic growth without CO2 production, yet that is what we spend all of our time pestering China to do.


  1. Vypuero:

    why? because that is what progressive religious doctrine says now, reality never enters into the equation and never will.

  2. Daublin:

    Similarly, women's groups favored Saddam Hussein over a democratic constitution with minimum female representation in the government.

    As best as I could tell, the chain of reasoning was that Bush hated Saddam, and women hate Bush, so women are supposed to like Saddam.

  3. Just a thought:

    "So why don't we let China focus on that?"
    No money in solving real problems, as I'm sure you know.

  4. joe:

    Its becasue most politians have very little comprehension of cost benefit
    Nor do the have any comprehension of
    Marginal cost v marginal benefit.

    Marginal cost v marginal benefit is vastly more important to understand. Most everyone in manufacturing understand the concept. Every process can have improved effiency and less waste, but each incremental increase in efficiency or reducing in waste comes with incremental increase in costs. At some point those incremental costs begin to exceed the incremental benefit. What is important is knowing when the point is crossed so you dont continue to waste money even though the overall benefit in excess of the cost remains positive.

  5. Trevor:

    Or put another way, economic growth coupled with reductions in pollution solves a problem that some people don't want solved.

  6. herdgadfly:

    When our host, a sometimes sensible climate expert, labels life-giving carbon dioxide as a source of China's pollution - there can be no escape from the pseudo-scientists.

  7. obloodyhell:

    'Cause CO2 is the most deadly of all pollutants, man!
    It's gonna be the death of all the planet, like, y'know?
    We just gotta sto....

    Whoa! Sorry, somehow I was channeling a complete idiot....

  8. John:

    Saint Gore needs a new income stream, so more CO2 games it is.