Thanks for the Support of My Writing

Thanks mostly to y'all, my short story String Theory still sits in the top 25 (well, it is at exactly 25) of the Amazon Kindle science fiction and short story rankings.  One notch above John Scalzi, and just two notches below David Brin.  And one of the only entries at the top of the list that does not have a guy with ripped abs or two vampires making out on the cover.  Pretty cool.


  1. Seattle Steve:


  2. ErikEssig:

    I enjoyed String Theory, it was a fun read. Recommended.

  3. mesaeconoguy:

    Wait, I thought you were the vampire guy.


  4. jdt:

    Add two ripped vampire guys with nice abs making out to the cover for maximum downloads.

  5. smcg:

    Sorry I'm late - just went and got a copy for 97c! cheers.

  6. marque2:

    That would definitely enhance sales to the feminine book audience.

  7. J Crain:

    De nada. It was a good read. (And good job on the dialog writing, too, btw.)

  8. Rick Caird:

    I enjoyed it too and did a short review on it. I didn't realize it was at 25.

  9. EricP:

    I really enjoyed it. I meant to add a review for but had forgotten. I'll do that now.