Last Chance to Get My New Short Story Free on Kindle

My new short story "String Theory" is free for another 24 hours.  After that, you will have to sell some of your gold bullion and pony up $0.99.  By waiting until the last minute, you get the advantage of obtaining an updated version of the story without a typo on page one (yes, a leopard does not really change his spots in a different medium).

You can get it on Kindle here.

And my novel BMOC is still available on Kindle and as an actual dead-tree book.



  1. Seattle Steve:

    Read it yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it. Reminded me of Arthur C. Clark's "9 Billion Names of God." NIce tight style, very engaging, started quickly and kept moving. More please.

  2. mesaeconoguy:

    Read it, but one question: What could have caused that gap?

    I have a biochemical theory for Keynesianism.....

  3. Philip Ngai:

    Speaking of typos, kindle loc 20 has "horrifying site" which should be "horrifying sight".

  4. Dave A:

    Concord MA, not Concorde MA. Good read... I volunteer to proofread your next one!

  5. Larry Sheldon:

    As usual I was a day late and a dollar short, but I went Amazon and ordered it any.

    Now I am too old to have been trained using obamacore, but I think I should have beel billed the non-zero amount but appar3ently was not.

    How do I fix it?

  6. Philip Ngai:

    I counted a total of 3 places where "site" is misused and should be "sight".
    The writing was good but the plot was kind of trite, I think.

  7. Michael:

    In the process of reading BMOC now actually. I love it so far!