Oregon Student Miles Sisk Gets Butt-Hurt over Criticism, Ken White Gets Hilarious

I am not even going to excerpt it.  You need to read Ken Whites satirical take on Miles Sisk demanding that bloggers who made animated GIF's critical of student government be thrown into concentration camps, or something.

How are people like this going to actually survive in the real world?  They are going to leave college and just sort of explode, like deep sea creatures brought up to the surface.  Someone please tell me that Miles Sisk is actually a clever performance artist.

Update:   OK, one little excerpt:

Sisk has not provided any evidence that the mean bloggers have made threats of harm as opposed to trite gifs and memes about banal student politics. "If a privileged kid who is a student leader at a good university feels he has to demand that the state protect him from criticism, what possible hope do most Americans have of governing themselves?" asked Yale historian Margaret Scott. "Freedom is hard. Self-governance is hard. Living together without resorting to tyranny is hard. Our founders pledged to each other 'our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor' to achieve those goals. This kid won't pledge to put up with someone mocking student government with a Parks & Recreation screencap."

Scientists agreed that Sisk's lack of fortitude — which was described as "pusillanimous," "snivellingly serfish," "contemptibly spineless," and "typical for a sophomore" — marked the rise of an American citizen unable to carry the burdens of representative government, individual rights, or unregulated daily interactions with other humans. "It's not just his craven thirst for totalitarian rule," agreed Duke professor Wil Trent. "It's also the abject ignorance. Running a society together requires a baseline of civic literacy. When even a student leader at a good university is ignorant of the most basic rights of other citizens — game over, man. Game over."


  1. morgan.c.frank:

    my favorite part is the whining 2.0 about "this is not what i wanted to happen!".

    welcome to the Streisand effect young man.

    honestly, this may wind up being the most important part of his education.

    just as capitalism needs failure to impose discipline and make companies leaner and smarter, perhaps political education needs just this sort of falling on your face to teach people how life works.

    perhaps this is the system working. if you were insufficiently educated and principled, the invisible hand smacks you in the face for being a wuss. perhaps we should be applauding how much stronger this hand has become.

  2. jimc5499:

    After going back to college in my late 30's through my early 40's and seeing what today's college students are like, I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Jacobs conclusion.

  3. Sam L.:

    I am sooooooooo amused!

  4. Howard Luken:

    Everybody pays way too much attention to media. It's all a great big puppet show to keep us stupid until the end of society And the world as we know it. Stop reading papers stop watching TV stop listening to radio stop reading the Internet Unless its really good porn. The plan is we're all disposable and the handful of men who own the world will reach immortality very soon. Join me and listen to George Carlin. He knew and accepted that our world is a total fuck up. Just sit back with a nice beverage and watch it all go down the shitter.

  5. SBD2112:

    He has been taught well by our Progressive "educational" system.....one of thousands...hold on tight..the next 20 years in this country is going to be a wild ride...keep on stacking...

  6. mahtso:

    We are losing our free speech rights as the "right" not to be offended grows. So the answer to the blogger's question "how will this guy survive in the real world?" is "just fine," but many of the rest of us will find it a lot harder to.

  7. Pedant:

    Don't you mean "excerpt" rather than "except"?

  8. Sam L.:

    However, WE have no right to not be offended. WE live in the real world.

  9. HenryBowman419:

    The potential problem is that such serious a-holes may be more-or-less in charge one day. There may come a time when the pitchforks simply must come out.

  10. markm:

    The scariest part is that this brat is a junior in "political science". That means he has passed two years of core courses for his major, and yet he has no idea of the 1st Amendment.

  11. Me too:

    He's the perfect Democrat. Miles Sisk for President