I Wonder...

I wonder if American tattoos with Asian characters look like this to the Asians.


  1. Arrian:

    Yep: http://hanzismatter.blogspot.com/ (Caution, really bad tattoos.)

  2. Samrobb:

    One "Precise Dwarf Bravery" shirt, please.

    Seriously, I'm going to have to get that one made up at a t-shirt shop somewhere...

  3. Matthew Slyfield:

    Actually, one of the tattoos featured is reasonably close to what the person thought it meant.

    "I want to say that the translation is supposed to mean "to honor father" "memory of father" something in that ballpark."

    Actual Translation: "cannot forget father.

    Though my favorite was the guy with the tattoo that translated to "Feminine flatulence, a queef perhaps."

  4. Sam L.:

    Go see engrish.com

  5. Eric Oppen:

    A lot of Chinese and Japanese characters I've seen in tattoos are clearly done by people with no idea of how those characters work. The effect is like reading English written by people with no idea that there's a difference between capital and lower-case letters, or that typefaces differ.