I Just Want to Barf

I have become pretty immune to letting BS government pleas for more power get to me, but this almost made me barf.

The No. 2 official at the Justice Department delivered a blunt message last month to Apple Inc. executives: New encryption technology that renders locked iPhones impervious to law enforcement would lead to tragedy. A child would die, he said, because police wouldn’t be able to scour a suspect’s phone, according to people who attended the meeting.

Children will die, do you hear?  CHILDREN WILL DIE!!!!

It is far more likely, based on recent history, that police will want to access your phone out of a prurient desire to see your naughty pictures than it will be to save some dying child ala in Dirty Harry.  Jeez you can make the same argument that if police could just randomly charge into any house they wanted for any reason, at some point they would probably save someone.


  1. pegr:

    This is great! As their cries become more and more exaggerated, it becomes more and more obvious that what they say is absolute garbage.

    At this point, I would encourage the DoJ to keep talking, please! ;)

  2. kidmugsy:

    "if police could just randomly charge into any house they wanted for any reason": I assumed that they were already allowed to do so as long as they promised to shoot someone.

  3. ErikTheRed:

    Well, as everyone knows, the only things we libertarians hate more than children are roads. Unless we could pave the roads with children. That totally works.

  4. Gil G:

    Libertarians love children because they make fine slaves.

  5. Matthew Slyfield:

    No they don't. Children these days a way too lazy to make good slaves.

  6. Gil G:

    If Libertarians didn't have stupid statist laws they'd put children to work posthaste.

  7. MJ:

    Especially dogs.

  8. RogC:

    Don't underestimate the effectiveness of this type of bunkum. All it would take is for the gov to spend some money on a campaign and I have no doubt they could convince a majority of people that their nonsense is really commonsense. Everyday there are thousands of people who publicly proclaim the party line of 'if you have nothing to hide then you should be ok with them looking'. It's a sad sad state of affairs in the US.