Oops, Coyote Blog's 10-year Anniversary Passed About a Month Ago

I guess as I have aged I don't tend to pay much attention to birthdays either, but as of last month this blog is ten years old.  Hard to believe.  Celebrating a decade of my inability to proof-read.  Thanks for your patients.

PS- yes, I did that on purpose.

PPS - I actually do know the difference between its and it's, for example, but I just don't always execute carefully.  However, I use "them" and "they" and "their" intentionally as a third-party singular pronoun in an effort to establish from the ground up a gender-neutral third party pronoun, because saying "he or she" sucks.


  1. Onlooker from Troy:

    I know the feeling. Years zip by now, it seems.

  2. Bill Drissel:

    How about a third person human-only pronoun: "E"? ... possessive pronoun and adjective: "ees" (pr: "eez") ... objective pronoun: "em"?

    Bill Drissel
    Frisco, TX, USA

  3. Sam L.:

    Doin' good here!

  4. JW:

    Mazel tov! Thanks for a very solid decade, Warren.

  5. sb7:

    Huzzah on your decade of blogging! Yours is one of my favorites by far, and inspired me to blog myself.

    And keep fighting the good fight for "them/they/their" as singular!