Missed This When It Came Out, But Very Cool


  1. Milton:

    Awesome. I believe the same thing was done for Gore/Bush. They clearly did not envision we would not have a winner by morning.

  2. Brennan:

    I remember doing this puzzle, but thinking nothing of it at the time, because I didn't realize it had this feature. It's still talked about in cruciverbalist circles. BTW, if you have an iPad, I recommend the Crux app for crosswords. I can link my NYT crossword subscription to the app and I'm off to the races!

  3. Harry:

    Milton, did you solve it both ways? Also, are you the same guy sculpted in the bust in the Trinity College, Dublin, library, and if so, what is your secret to staying in shape?

  4. Milo Minderbinder:

    What about Perot?