Five Statements No One is Making, and A Parallel One Half the Country Is Making

I don't think anyone would say:

  • Help!  I have been denied access to housing because my employer won't pay my mortgage
  • Help!  I have been denied access to clothing because my employer won't pay my Nordstrom bill
  • Help!  I have been denied access to leisure because my employer won't pay my resort bill
  • Help!  I have been denied access to child care because my employer won't pay my nanny
  • Help!  I have been denied access to food because my employer won't pay my grocery bill

Yet half the country seems to be saying

  • Help!  I have been denied access to birth control because my employer won't pay for it



  1. Morlock Publishing:

    This is not about logic. This is about the winners of the culture war trying to destroy and humiliate the losers.

    Why does the cop make you do jumping jacks, or strip down, or address him as "sir"?

    Because he can. Because you are his victim.

    THAT is what the Hobby Lobby case is about, from start to finish. There was absolutely no reason why Obamacare needed to do this...other than punishing the evil-doers (i.e. red staters, Christians, Republicans).

  2. me:

    To be fair, there is an element of market overregulation here. Try to buy your own IUD. You'll discover that, when it comes to acquiring a $0.05 piece of plastic, there's very little competition...

  3. steamboatlion:

    The sooner the whole system of employer-provided healthcare collapses, the better.
    Then maybe we can begin to have a real discussion about health care reform.

  4. TeleprompterOTUS:

    Birth control is the current holiest of holys for the left and the right must always expand until all kneel before them - until everyone agrees and celebrates that moms have the right to kill babies before they are born the abortion war will continue - and when that does happen the left will find some other repulsive desire that must be celebrated by all to beat people with - the right to euthanize old people perhaps? - the right to jail climate change skeptics? - it's beyond the need for food, shelter, and clothing - it's power and control plain and simple.

  5. Pierre:

    I believe this debate could be turned on the feminist lobby with a simple statement: "Why should the woman be required to provide contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy when last I checked condoms were never provided by insurance?"

    Just to see their faces contort trying to think of an answer would be amusing.

  6. Nehemiah:

    Free contraceptives is a red herring. Oh sure there are some over the top feminists that see this as a right, but the for the progressive movement this is about peeling back religious liberty. You hear them talking about preserving "freedom to worship". That is not the same as freedom of religion. Worship is what one does at church. For many, practicing one's religion means living your values thereby giving witness to your faith. The Soviet Union's constitution protected "freedom of worship". How did that work for the Russian Orthodox Church. It is rarely about the shiny object that they spin in our face. There is almost always is a deeper context and objective in mind.

  7. Settin it str8:

    I have been denied access to gas because my employer won't fill my car.

  8. Daublin:

    Bravo! Stupid arguments deserve a clear rebuttal such as this one, or they cease to be stupid after all.

  9. marque2:

    Sadly the collapse won't lead to privatization - it will lead to single payer government programs.

  10. Joe:

    You’re arguing for a new system that would make it align
    with your ideological preferences. To be fair you feel that this would be
    better for everyone, but there aren’t any examples of your preferred system
    ever being used successfully on this scale.

    They’re arguing for changes to the existing system.

  11. steamboatlion:

    Sadly, I think you're right...

  12. steamboatlion:

    Unfortunately, it's actually not a huge conceptual leap from a belief in positive rights to this sort of nonsense. If I have a "right" to health care and the government doesn't give it to me, then the government is denying my rights. Which just goes to prove how destructive this widespread belief in positive rights is to individual liberty.

  13. mesaeconoguy:

    Gimme Gimme Gimme

  14. CT_Yankee:

    Some religious universities and hospitals had also objected to being compelled to pay for contraception. So the Department of Health and Human Services devised an alternative to spare them having to do so. If an institution objects to providing the coverage, its insurance company has to provide it separately to employees, at no extra cost. Writing for the court, Justice Samuel Alito said, "HHS has provided no reason why the same system cannot be made available when the owners of for-profit corporations have similar religious objections." The effect "on the women employed by Hobby Lobby and the other companies involved in these cases would be precisely zero

    The likelyhood that the same method of dealing with everyone else with an exemption will soon be applied to the latest batch of exemted companies is high. The end result is a massive shuffling of papers and employees might notice a different policy number listed on thier "your free policy paid this for you" notices. What a waste of time and effort.

  15. Guest:

    Help! I have been denied access to sex because my employer won't pay for hookers!

  16. Nobull:

    Amazing that people that are offended by a team named Redskins can't understand why some opposed to abortion doesn't want to be forced to pay for certain forms of birth control they consider the same thing

  17. Michael Ejercito:

    Employers must be violating the Second Amendment.

  18. Cari Beth:

    900 for Skyla and 1200 for Mirena. Not including extra doc fees.