Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis, It is Now Past Time to Google "the Streisand Effect"

The Peoria, IL mayor used the city police to raid and shut down the owners of a Twitter account that mocked the mayor.  The original twitter feed probably had about 12 followers when it was shut down.  I suggest that it is now past time for him to Google the "Streisand Effect"


Too bad she didn't have a police force.

Update:  Told you so.  Popehat has a go



  1. obloodyhell:

    Damn. Why can't blatant civil rights lawsuit shit like that ever fall into MY lap?


  2. FelineCannonball:

    Quite the alignment of idiots in Peoria. I foresee some significant municipal legal obligations.

  3. GerNatch:

    If you want to know who else were "streisand effecters," here's a list.