Yet Another Reason to Live in Arizona

Via the Valley Fever blog:

Good news, Diamondbacks fans: Chase Field is still home to the cheapest beer in baseball.

Fourteen ounces of beer at a Diamondbacks game is still $4, making this at least the fifth season in a row the D-backs have had the cheapest beer in baseball.


  1. HenryBowman419:

    OK, but how much do tickets cost? Example: second deck, behind home plate at Coors Field is ~$55 (depends on day of the game). Plus, in Denver one doesn't have to drive through Hades to get to the ball park.

    Take a guess as to what sort of beer is served at Coors field...Colorado kool-aid.

  2. jb:

    Lower deck, towards the back, behind home plate, $53.50, depending on day of game of course :) In Phoenix, one never has to shovel sun.

  3. herdgadfly:

    Over $50 to see grass grow! When the unionized millionaires ended the 1984 baseball season for higher pay is when I checked out of being a baseball fan.

    Last time I watched baseball was about 10 years ago when my company had a conference and we went to a Tigers game at Comerica - talk about a diamond in the rough!

  4. MNHawk:

    I went to one Twins game, two years ago. The $83 tickets were a work perk. The beer was $10 and a hot dog was $5. The game was boring as hell, also. As this is quite a popular past time, I can only imagine that $200+ nights out are the primary reason the typical moron is up to their eyeballs in debt.

  5. Sam L.:

    And a reason not to, if one can believe The Atlantic:
    And from what I've read here, I guess we can, this time.

  6. Rob:

    Back in the early 1970's the Phoenix Giants had dime beer nights. The beers came in paper cups in cardboard trays.
    After the game they had a hard time getting people to leave the stadium.