Yet Another Reason to Open our Relations to Cuba

The only reason people like Michael Moore or Tom Harkin can get away with singing praises of Cuban socialism is because most Americans can't go visit and see for themselves.  By keeping Cuba off-limits, we are doing the communists' work for them by allowing them to provide cherry-picked videos and stories through useful idiots that have zero bearing on the true life of the average person in Cuba.


  1. David Zetland:

    It's quite easy for Americans to break the law and go there. My experience was wonderful people and shitty government. The trip doesn't make the US gov't look good, since the US embargo gives the Cuban an excuse to squash their people. US govt is better than Cuba govt but they're both thugs...

  2. HenryBowman419:

    You might be interested in Michael Totten's writings on Cuba, based upon a recent trip to the island: Part I, Part II, and The Only Way Out is Exile.

  3. skhpcola:

    I've said this before, but I'll say it again: Cuba gets most of their food from the US. Cuba is not completely off-limits, because we feed the nation. If we were serious about an embargo, we'd cut them off and we'd see regime change in short order

  4. skhpcola:

    See my comment above (or below). It is a popular misconception that we don't help the government of Cuba oppress its people.

  5. frankania:

    I have been to Cuba 3 times, and I am a US citizen. It is easy to get there thru Canada or Mexico. Most of the people I met there wanted to LEAVE. There are lines at stores, movies, bureaucratic offices, even poor women begging for SOAP! But, I would support open relations with Cuba. The clue to whether a govt. is functioning, is if it builds walls to keep people OUT or to keep them IN!