Greatest Thing Since Duct Tape

Don't let Amazon's placement of it in the "craft" section fool you.  E-6000 is the best all-purpose, stick-any-two-arbitrary-things-together adhesive I have ever found.

I made my daughter a Christmas present which was a reproduction of the painting in the Disney Haunted Mansion where the man in the picture slowly turns to a skeleton.  I will post a build report at some time, but I had to anchor a heavy computer monitor to a wood box and an Ikea plastic frame, and E-6000 welded the whole thing together.  I also have used it recently to glue studs to a concrete floor to support a cabinet and to put a rubber weir under my garage door.  It takes a day to cure, and will not go on thin and sometime can be messy, but it makes an awesome bond.   I almost never touch epoxy or  Liquid Nails any more.

Update:  I know Gorilla Glue has its adherents.  The problem is that it expands so much (it kind of foams), it is really hard to control and get good results, at least in my opinion.  Neither of these replace ACC when you need to bond something fast or when you want your fingers stuck together all day.


  1. Mercury:

    I’m not aware of this stuff – I’ll check it out.
    It looks like it might be similar to E-6000 or “Household Goop”, “Plumber’s Goop” and various, similar knock-offs which dry into a super-hard, clear, rubber-like substance. I’ve glued pretty much everything with these tubes including a shattered PVC pipe that my garbage disposal fed into (repair lasted for 10 years). Plus, a little saliva on your finger enables you to smooth the glue into the desired shape without the stuff sticking to you. It really is the best thing since duct tape.

    Gorilla Glue is good for what it’s good for which is wood, wet surfaces and cavities that you want the glue to expand into. It starts out like glue but dries into a much harder and stronger version of that foam-in-a-can stuff. Doesn’t really stick to metal or smooth surfaces though.

  2. random_eddie:

    "I know Gorilla Glue has its adherents."


  3. DensityDuck:

    Yeah, silicone adhesive is generally pretty strong stuff.

    Be aware that the solvent in these one-part silicones is generally pretty nasty stuff--trichloroethane, also known as "perchlorate", which is what they use to dry-clean clothes. Not something you want to breathe, like, at all. (People who work with in a production setting are required to wear full-body protective gear and respirators.)

  4. jon spencer:

    Have you tried, 3M 4941 VHB Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape?
    This is for when you really want a permanent mount.

  5. HenryBowman419:

    At least one Amazon reviewer thought this stuff was horrible for many purposes. She recommended a couple of alternatives.

  6. Sam L.:

    Is ACC known as Krazy Glue? I don't recognize the term.

  7. JKB:

    Gorilla glue is very dependent upon having a tight joint and clamping. If bubbles can form in the joint, the joint strength is very weak, like 15 lbs force. If a tight joint, it is very strong,