Measure of the Job Market

The other day I sent out an email listing a job opening next summer for camp hosts.  The job was in an out of the way place (in Arizona, north of the Grand Canyon) and had been hard to fill.  I have a list of 22,000 people who have asked to have camping jobs sent to them.

The email batch of 22,000 had a 54% open rate.  That is ridiculously high.


  1. Sam L.:

    You can get a ping back when the email is opened? No reply needed?

  2. Me too:

    I wonder what the qualified for the job percentage is?

  3. Matthew Slyfield:

    Yes, it's called a read receipt, though people can configure their email clients to either ignore read receipt requests or to prompt before sending.

  4. Rick C:

    The other way, of course, is to use HTML mail, and a web bug. It suffers from a similar limitation.

  5. Matthew Slyfield:

    True, but read receipts are a deliberately built in feature of the email system.

  6. mesaeconoguy:


    Pending background check/bail money.

  7. Edward Royce:

    You can easily bypass the whole "turn off read receipt" business by simply including an image tag to a unique image on your server that is not used for any other purpose. When the email is opened the browser will attempt to download the image file and once that happens your webserver will log it. Count the number of times the server logs the image file being downloaded and that tells you how many people opened the email. And since most browsers cache image files you likely won't get duplicates.