Dear Rest of the Country

Remember making fun of our Phoenix summer temperatures?  Who's laughing now?



  1. Matthew Slyfield:

    How are you coping with such abnormally low temps? That's nothing, it was -14 F where I am this morning.

  2. MNHawk:

    I have no problem with today's likely high of -12, and this morning's low of -22. The -12 is a once in a generation thing and the -22 is a once every 3 year or so thing.

    How often do you top 110 again?

  3. fantasticrice:

    I am, since it is a seasonally appropriate 43° here and we have gorgeous summers that don't melt our faces off as well! Still, enjoy your moderate weather.

  4. ErikTheRed:

    75º and sunny here in San Diego... just like in the summer. To be fair, sometimes it gets up to 85º in July and August. And at night it gets so cold you can't even wear shorts.

    If we could just get rid of the batshit insane state and local governments...

  5. FelineCannonball:

    38? brrrrr!

    You'll have to wear a scarf for your nude midnight bicycle ride and turn the air conditioner in the window around.

  6. STW:

    The high was -10 here the day I did my Christmas shopping. It seemed like a fairly normal day except I wore a heavier coat. I've lived in the desert, at the beach in SoCal, in the mid-west, and in the mountain-west. Nothing beats the weather within 3 miles of the ocean in San Diego county. However, the trade-off for that weather became more than I was willing to bear. I then chose cold instead of heat because I can always put on another layer if I'm cold.

  7. Brad Warbiany:

    Yep. Beautiful weather here in Orange County. I was out on the back patio smoking some ribs and drinking some homebrew in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday while my kids played barefoot.

    If I tried to do that in AZ in the summer, I'd get sunstroke and my kids would burn their soles on the concrete!

    I'd say we win:

  8. HenryBowman419:

    My fiancée grew up in Tempe, and refuses to visit her aging mother there except in January or February. It is simply too damned hot. Inasmuch as the Phoenix region is a veritable hellhole, it doesn't seem right to taunt the upper mid-west folks on the current cold snap.

  9. mahtso:

    I prefer the hot Phoenix summers to the winters becuase in the winter it is dark (and cold) when I go to work and dark when I get home. Hot and sunny is better than cold and dark. I don't see the absolute temperatures as the issue, but rather the range. In Phoenix the range is about 50 degrees (summer highs around 110 and winter at 60 to 65). In contrast, to me it seems that the range in the midwest is 70, 80 or more (summer highs at 90 or more and winter at 10 to 20).

  10. smurfy:

    You can burn $500 a month in oil heat or pay $500 a month in property tax, take your pick.

  11. smurfy:

    I want to know more about the accident that caused daddy's head to fly out of the plane.

  12. rst1317:

    What gets me about my home state, and I'm guessing by the name you're living in it Mr. MN Hawk, are fall and spring and the length of winter.

    Dry heat is nice but once you get to hitting 90F, IMHO, it's hot. If it's just about weather I'll take the 90-110 days a year Phoenix tops 100F to teh 70+ days / yr it dips below zero in Minnesota.

  13. MNHawk:

    It's more like 22 days, in the Twin Cities. Plus the temps are good at cleaning up vermin, once a year. No giant insects crawling out of our drains, up our walls, and into our bed. In fact, this cold spell might be enough to kill off a nasty invasion of a beetle, that's been eating away at a lot of trees.

  14. rst1317:

    Those are nice things to not have to deal with. Still, when the temperature drops below freezing 154 days a year, I can deal with a few more bugs and having to keep the crevices and cracks in the house sealed. But that's just my two-bits worth.