Challenging the Governments Arbitrary Closure of Privately-Funded Parks During the Shutdown

I have not updated this story in a while, but we continue to litigate against the Federal Government over the closure of privately-operated and privately-funded parks on public lands.  The closure is over, obviously, but it is a situation that is very likely to recur and we are attempting to fight this battle now to set a precedent.   The Wall Street Journal's law blog is running an update on the story here.

You can find all my posts from the shutdown here.

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  1. Elam Bend:

    The whole bridge thing with Christie in New Jersey is something I find reprehensible, particularly using people as pawns to punish political rivals. It deserves to be covered by the media. However, I don't see much difference between that and many of the actions taken by the Feds during the government shutdown, particularly the more egregious ones like the private parks or open air parks (like the WWII memorial). It's no wonder Obama and Christie got along so well, they are both petty thugs.