Wow, Who Would Have Predicted This?

Diana Wang accepted a job.  The terms of that employment were very clear up front -- like most interns, she would be paid in skills and experience and resume fodder rather than money.  The employer provided exactly the promised terms.  So Diana Wang sued her employer.  Now she is having trouble finding anyone to hire her.  Wow, that is sure unexpected.   Maybe she could go work for Obama's OFA, except (lol) they don't pay their interns either.


  1. morgan.c.frank:

    actions have consequences.

    i would never even consider hiring her.

    people very rarely do this sort of thing only once.

    if you are litigious enough to sue a magazine that was basically doing you a favor, why on earth would i trust you anywhere near my livelihood?

    i would not hire her, rent her an apartment, or anyhting else that established a business relationship.

    the risks are just too high.

  2. Maria:

    Entitlement, party of one.

  3. MingoV:

    Shunned by employers. That's what one should expect after filing a frivolous lawsuit.

  4. MNHawk:

    Certainly no one outside of a journalism classroom or school of government could have possibly predicted this.

    Sucks (for her) that low information fashion "journalism" is probably a pretty tight bunch.

  5. Drake:

    That is gonna say on her permanent record. I wouldn't allow her into the building.

  6. Q46:

    Someone just learned that 'fair' is merely an ideological fiction of the 'liberal' Left, absent from the real World.

    Life ain't fair.

  7. Daublin:

    According to the video, she is now working selling granola, which she says she didn't want to do in preference to working as an intern.

    There's so much touchy-feely fluff in the piece it is hard to know where to begin. To touch just one specific point, yes, of course, if you work for free you will get to do jobs that are more edifying and/or just more pleasant. If you want to get paid, you have to do something that is more clearly valuable to the person whose money you are dipping into.

    There are many other specific points in the video that make me go "gah! people think that way?!". To try and sum them up, I wish more people would about how employment works in the real world, and to work with it, rather than to pass reams of law about how employment ought to work in an idealized world. The way organically works is already pretty good.

    As well, I wish we had grown ups in government positions who would say things like this and explain it to the general public. Hearing the law as discussed in that video, it sounds like our officials are pandering to our most childish of citizens. They are offering us cookies for lunch instead of a square meal.

  8. marque2:

    It will stay on long enough. I think court cases stay on your credit report for 10 years. And yes, if she applied to me, I would scratch my head as well - will she try to sue me over some pay disparity law, or discimination, despite my best efforts as well? Looks like a government job for her.

  9. obloodyhell:

    The grasshoppers are in charge of the system, not the ants. That appears to be the end result of liberal policies. Whoodathunkit?

    Now the grasshoppers don't starve, the ants do.

  10. obloodyhell:

    Bad move. Now she's going to apply to your company, and sue YOU.... :-D

  11. bigmaq1980:

    Its worse that that. She wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She cannot tell us that she started the internship without understanding the trade she was making. If she was initially deluded, then she could have quit at the point she realized the reality.

    What these people don't understand is that they proved concretely that they uniquely pose a risk to any employer...few are going to be willing to take a chance.

    Choices have consequences.