My Life is Now Complete

A customer of mine sent me this, about a Forest Service park we run in Florida called Juniper Springs. It's a bit crude in parts, but demonstrates the frustration the public had with closing Federal parks that should have stayed open under private operation.

Does it violate Godwin's law to get a 5-star rating from Hitler?


  1. mesocyclone:

    I think Godwin's law doesn't apply to satire.

  2. ErikTheRed:

    But if I complain about them using the word "site" instead of "sight," does that make me... a Grammar Nazi?

  3. marque2:

    I thought all these bunker parodgies were forced down a few years back. At least from YouTube.

  4. c_andrew:

    I think I caught a yoda grammar construct just before the retailing of the turd.
    "Pooping I tell you! Unreal it was!"
    Just say it in a yoda voice...

  5. ErikTheRed:

    They seem to have given up on it, if the number of them that I see pop up is any indication. And let's face it - 99% of us would have never seen Downfall if it wasn't for this clip (pretty good movie, if not exactly the "feel-good hit of the year"). Best unintentional viral marketing ever.

  6. Earl Wertheimer:

    Looks very nice. You can even see the boats stored beside the lake/pool.
    I'll visit the next time I'm in Florida...

  7. sch:

    Disregarding the sendup, which is great if you don't understand German, Juniper Springs is one of 3 highlights of about 6-8 years of annual vacations in the '50s.
    It was a magical place then, and I always regretted being too young to do a canoe trip down the springs. The springs were everywhere.