In Case You Are Not on Twitter...

...This is the sensation of the moment, from Barack Obama's Twitter account (apparently real and not a spoof)


Expect this to be the most photo-shopped image of the next 24 hours.  My guess is that this is the new punishment for not being insured -- they send this guy to your house to watch MSNBC with you all day.



  1. beatthemlikecircusmonkeys:

    These are the nerds who voted for Obama. I even know a woman with a son who looks just like this, still lives in attic, college grad, no job and just turned 26 never having had a job in his life. Parents, son, all worship Obama.

  2. mesaeconoguy:

    This is why I am not on Twitter.

  3. c_andrew:

    This guy makes Woody Allen look ambitious and masculine.