The One Thing Politicians Do Really Well... get elected.  That's it.  It's the only thing they have to do well, really, to have their jobs.  Name one other thing President Obama is good at?

Here are Obama's polling numbers over the last couple of years (approve is black, disapprove is red).  Note the fair to middling muddled approval rating for most of the period.  The numbers never crack 50 ... EXCEPT for the days leading up to the last Presidential election, and then he managed put in place a full court press to get his popularity up just high enough and just long enough to get elected.



  1. Morlock Publishing:

    > he managed put in place a full court press

    That's because he went full press courting.

  2. Broke:

    He and his family vacationing on the taxpayer's nickle.

  3. mesocyclone:

    A great illustration of the power of the left-biased main stream media.

  4. Andrew_M_Garland:

    Failing to reelect a black President would be racist or something.


  5. MNHawk:

    I don't think he's all that good at it. I just think the American people really are that easy to pull one over on, now.

  6. Elam Bend:

    Not that I appreciated the outcome, but the 2012 Obama campaign was a thing of wonder, particularly the ground game and micro-targeting and any future presidential campaign that doesn't follow that script is not playing in the big leagues.

  7. Nehemiah:

    Don't discount the power of lying about keeping one's insurance. Also didn't hurt to have the IRS restricting free speech through the 501(c)(4) application process it railroaded, And how about those timely IRS audits of Romney donors? Of course tampering with the unemployment numbers going into September 2012 (8.1% miraculously drops to 7.8%) created a perception of economy on the mend, which the lapdog media promoted endlessly. Yeah, what a masterful campaign. Something Americans can really take pride in. 2012 showed that if you are committed to, the end justifies the means, then you get this type of government.

  8. Nehemiah:

    I won't give the American people a complete pass, but there are still Americans who thought they could trust their government. That want to think the best of those they elect, even though experience shows they are not worthy of the trust we give them.

  9. ErikTheRed:

    And now evidence is out that they cooked the employment numbers leading up to the election. Or at least cooked them more than they usually do: