Why is the Federal Government Feeding My Account Information to Spam Marketers?

If you signed up for Obamacare, and then suddenly had a ton of spam in your email box trying to sell you stuff tailored to your pre-existing health conditions and other private health information, you would be pissed, right?

In the last two months my email box has been overrun with spam from people try to "help" me re-register for the government contractor data base, like this one:

click to enlarge


I am registered merely because I have one tiny contract to clean bathrooms in California and I cannot get paid unless I am in the system.  I checked my settings in the various government systems to confirm that yes, indeed, I had set it to not display my information publicly. But that does not seem to do a bit of good.  Everyone on the planet seems to have my email, my name, and my account expiration dates and CAGE code.  Wonderful.


  1. mesocyclone:

    I'd suggest letting Schweikert know

  2. obloodyhell:

    Hey, I got snail mail spam the other day from some Democratic organization reviewing my voting status. The apparently have been told how many times I've voted in the last 'x' years. (Since I'm in FL, I'm registered as a Dem even though 99% of the time I vote libertarian which means I tend to vote for the GOP... so they likely imagine I must be One Of Them. Anyone who knows southern politics knows you register Dem so you actually have a choice in the primaries, whereas GOP primaries are lucky to even have a single candidate... races for seats in the South are often settled in the Dem primaries. A wonderful legacy of post-Reconstruction Democratic politics.)

    Who the F*** made my "voting attendance" record publicly available, and using what justification?