There are 353,000 Google Results for "Obama Blames"

Search here.

There are 81 MILLION articles that contain both the word "Obama" and "Blame(s)"  Search here.

You gotta be good at something to become President.


  1. AtlantaDude:

    Here's betting that more than half of the 81 million results are from sentences with "blame(s) Obama" rather than sentences with "Obama blame(s)"

  2. John O.:

    There's always blame to go around in a bureaucratic state.

  3. oneteam:

    Notice the quotes in the search term. When you quote something, it only shows results for words in that order. Not any order. Hence the lower number of results. When you do just the two words obama and blames, it searches any instance of those two words, in whatever order.

    Incidentally, searching "Bush blames" gets 17,900 results and he had 8 years to blame someone. I'd venture to guess Obama's numbers will be HUGE after his 8 years. Especially since his governing will create so much more bad news to actually blame on someone but himself.