Spam of the Day

I get egregious amounts of spam related to my blogs, but this was a new one:

I wanted to touch base with COYOTE to obtain some more background
information, mission statement, goals, history and interview for a
piece I am writing for CORSET magazine on sexual issues. The interview
will be conducted via email and ental approximately 10 questions for
the piece.


  1. gitarcarver:

    I once wrote a post for a blog about Major League Baseball which had banned hats supporting the four branches of the armed services after an attack which resulted in the deaths of military members.

    I wrote in the post "Major League Baseball got their panties in a bunch over some hats........."

    I got several emails similar to the one you received asking if we wanted to do an interview on "panties and the sexual hats people wear in the bedroom."

    I declined.

  2. marque2:

    That is too bad, cuz now we will never know!

  3. jdgalt:

    I think the surveyor has you confused with a defunct prostitutes-rights organization. S/he should learn to use search engines.

  4. Arrian:

    Meh, it's the Internet. If they send it out randomly, it will be on message for at least 70% of the domains it lands on. :P

  5. Don:

    I think I'd've done the interview and given him a laundry list of fictional stats and figures and descriptions. Talk about how 30% of the population engages in bestiality, or whatever.

    Just generally screw with their minds.

    Oh, and also, ask them to post the interview under your pseudonym, giving them some famous politician's or reporter's name as the pseudonym, maybe with a slight misspelling. "... it's 'John Bainer', like the House Speaker, with an 'ai' in the last name."

    If this guy is actually a reporter (of any kind) and he made such a horrific error in finding sources for his stories, he deserves to be made a laughing stock in print. I'm always up for teaching people lessons, even if that lesson is "go find a new career." :^)