PJ Tatler Interviews Me on Government Closure of Privately-Funded Parks

The interview is here by Bryan Preston


  1. Joshua Vanderberg:

    Expect an audit

  2. sean2829:

    Drudge had a link to an article on this encountering the same thing with the NPS. http://freebeacon.com/shutdown-theater/
    One other questions I have, Will your employees who are not working be paid when the parks are closed? Will you receive any relief on your lease or compensation for lost revenue due to the closing? Will the employees of the NPS who are sent home on furlough ultimately receive the pay they were due? I suspect that when this is all over, government employees will be made whole and essentially have had a brief unscheduled paid vacation while contractors who work on government premises will have to eat their losses and the contractor employees will end up with a forced unpaid vacation. In other words, we'll learn again, its good to be king.