Can We PLEASE Just Ignore This Kind of Garbage Social Science?

Apparently a very likely left-of-center faculty have run a study that found Conservatives get more worked-up about Internet insults than do Liberals.   Seriously, who the hell takes this kind of crap seriously, much less devote a whole column to it?  This is in the same genre as:  one party is smarter, or gives more to charity, or whatever BS.  There is about a 100% chance these studies are all garbage, and what would average tendencies have to do with any individual person or his arguments anyway?

PS- libertarians kick ass on all these things


  1. marque2:

    "PS- libertarians kick ass on all these things"

    OK lets see - go ahead - insult me :-)

  2. stan: Matt Briggs' list of all the stupidity

  3. irandom419:

    They obviously never read the comments at the Daily Kook when they posted a comment by Ann Coulter that included the word volition.

  4. pokeyblow:

    How about because when I post comments arguing that you are a hypocrite for wanting special treatment during the government shutdown, the other commenters on your site threaten to "stop my heart?"

  5. marque2:

    How can a commentator stop your heart?
    I don't see that any park lands should be closed at all. Except that it is a political gamble to make folks want to love the Democrats more.

  6. pokeyblow:

    Reading comprehension isn't very abundant here, is it?

    I said "threaten to stop my heart."

  7. marque2:

    I don't think it is my reading comprehension, more your inability to interpret.
    Again how can someone from this board, stop your heart - kind of an empty threat?

  8. pokeyblow:

    Well, he's probably a desperate nutcase with a gun and both inferiority and persecution complexes.

    All he'd have to do is find me, then I'd be just another victim of teabagger rage.

  9. marque2:

    In other words a Bitter Clinger.
    If you become a victim of teabagger rage, just bite really hard - that should stop it quickly.

  10. pokeyblow:

    Hey, I have a question for you. Remember when someone asked Harry Reid "if you could help a child with cancer, why wouldn't you?" What is the correct answer to that query?

  11. johnson85:

    Can you name a victim of teabagger rage? Saying you'd be "just another victim" seems to imply there has been one before you.

  12. Me too:

    Typical leftist response. Backed into a corner with an uncomfortable question, so he changes the subject

  13. pokeyblow:

    Gabby Giffords.

  14. pokeyblow:

    Not backed into a corner, and my question was for the other guy who isn't here; no interest in your thoughts.

  15. Me too:

    Well you asked yourself the question. So :-P

  16. johnson85:

    Seriously? Jared Loughner was described by his friends as a liberal, a pretty far left one at that. But most people aren't idiotic enough to think it was his political beliefs that led to the shooting as much as it was the fact that he's a schizophrenic.

  17. pokeyblow:

    Not of you.