Obama Administration Saving Money by Eliminating Paragraph Breaks

I checked out the government web site today that supposedly offers advice to small businesses on Obamacare compliance.  Of course, I found nothing on my main question, in part because the IRS cannot figure out what it wants to do (my question is on requirements and penalties vis a vis seasonal workers).

I was presented with a number of other government blog posts and articles, including "8 Ways Your Business Can Get Ready for the 2013 Tourist Season."  Curious what the government would counsel on this topic, I clicked through.  Obviously, there is a paragraph break and carriage return sequester.  I cannot get the energy to read this kind of unformatted text.  The advice is actually OK, and ironically one of the eight is that one should consider getting into the business I am in.


  1. mesaeconoguy:

    “The Department of Commerce predicts that the U.S. can
    expect a 3.6 to 4.3 percent average annual growth in travel and tourism over
    the next four years.”

    Yes, but you can chop some of that due to reduced foreign medical tourism traveling to the US, due to the deterioration of US medical care caused by Obamascare.

    Some of this will be offset by US medical tourism abroad, seeking better treatment, due to the deterioration in US medical care caused by Obamascare.

  2. NateOgden:

    what was the seasonal EE question? Had to do a lot of research on that for clients.