Off to Comicon

As you could probably tell from the scarcity of posts, I have been on quasi-vacation for a few weeks.  Today I fly off to San Diego to go to Comicon with my son.  Sorry, don't expect any Coyote Cosplay pictures.


  1. Richard Clark:

    Your boss cut you back to part-time, eh? ;)

  2. Audric:

    My brother tends bar at the convention center Hilton. His name is Jim. Tell him I said hello.

  3. Audric:

    Oh, by the way, my first name is Mike.

  4. herdgadfly:

    Comicon? Is that a CPUSA sponsored event?

  5. Mole1:

    Oh, come on. You would make an excellent Arthur. I'm sure you could find someone to be the Tick.

  6. marque2:

    Better than going to Commiecon.

  7. marque2:

    You probably accidentally purchased tickets to Commiecon.