Good Idea

Several companies announced a new sensor product to keep track of the number and severity of blows to the head during sporting events like football.  For a while now, I have been predicting such equipment (once invented) would become required in most sports, with at least younger kids' leagues setting maximum numbers above which a player might have to sit out for one or more games, sort of like mandatory pitch limits in little league.


  1. marque2:

    This reminds me of this famous skit

    This one is more to the point, and the original. And it gets to the point quicker

    Boots to the Head are serious things to consider.

  2. Vitaeus:

    Not watching current season of MythBusters, but I bett they get some great use out of these things...

  3. MingoV:

    This gives enthusiasts of child contact sports more ammunition to continue sports that should not be played. (I couldn't believe it the first time I saw very young kids wearing pads and helmets to play Pee Wee football. Allowing a kid to play in that kind of sport is child abuse.)

  4. bobby_b:

    Kids? Heck, I say we issue them to everyone.

    I know several adults who have appeared, for quite some time, to be getting dumber as they age, which always makes one suspect that they're getting frequent blows to the head.

    With these, we'd know for sure.

  5. Incunabulum:

    1. Wow, you are insane.
    2. It'll probably give more ammunition to people who think like you, as their will be a legitimate data set of how bad these impacts really are.

  6. Milo:

    It would definitely have helped George Zimmerman.