Power Without Accountability Will Be Abused

President Obama argued that he should be trusted with the (in the US at least) nearly unprecedented power to order anyone he wants killed -- military or civilian, American or foreign-born -- sending a drone after them.  He claimed to have this really detailed and careful process -- heck, they even had a spreadsheet.

Most of us expressed skepticism, and several folks in the know have expressed fear that, as with most such powers, its use has been creeping from an extraordinary measure against uniquely qualified targets to an almost casual use against rank and file targets.  Turns out this fear was justified:

The CIA did not always know who it was targeting and killing in drone strikes in Pakistan over a 14-month period, an NBC News review of classified intelligence reports shows.

About one of every four of those killed by drones in Pakistan between Sept. 3, 2010, and Oct. 30, 2011, were classified as "other militants,” the documents detail. The “other militants” label was used when the CIA could not determine the affiliation of those killed, prompting questions about how the agency could conclude they were a threat to U.S. national security.

The uncertainty appears to arise from the use of so-called “signature” strikes to eliminate suspected terrorists -- picking targets based in part on their behavior and associates. A former White House official said the U.S. sometimes executes people based on “circumstantial evidence.”

Not sure this even requires further comment.


  1. mesaeconoguy:

    Ray Lane/metadata/IRS/leftist hypocrisy update -

    Hey, see? Look! It’s not just “conservatives” being targeted by the IRS:


    Don’t worry, Ray. There’s something else we can just “put you into” for the rest of your shitty life. Before you’re put into a pine box (hopefully soon).

    My theory is confirmed: Ray Lane is a tax-dodging leftist scumbag (redundant).

  2. obloodyhell:

    }}} Not sure this even requires further comment.

    How about "fucking cocksucking piece of shit rat bastard"?

  3. HenryBowman419:

    Hmmm...why not just saturate the whole Pakistan-Afghanistan border with thermonuclear bombs. That will get rid of the bastards, for sure. There might be some collateral damage, of course, but the Big Zero doesn't really give a rat's ass about that.