Reject These Voices....


via a reader.



  1. nehemiah:

    Those voices are the echos of our Founding Fathers who understood the heart of man.

  2. Matthew Slyfield:

    Perhaps the voice that ought to be ignored is the one (Obama) that keeps telling you "nothing to see here, move along" every time information on some misbehavior by government officials comes out.

  3. mesaeconoguy:

    Wow, the DNC response committee sure is quiet.

    So here you go Eric Holder:

    You’re getting sued.

  4. mesaeconoguy:

    You probably should go to prison for obstruction of justice and very possibly aggravated manslaughter.

    This is very, very real.

    Lawyer up, Mr President, et al

  5. mesaeconoguy:

    I’ll repeat that:

    Lawyer up, Mr President, et al

  6. mesaeconoguy:

    I would think that TurboTax Timmy Geithner

    is in considerable jeopardy as well, since the IRS thingy occurred on his watch.

  7. marque2:

    Was All tasty when you et him?

  8. mesaeconoguy:

    It’s beginning:

    FreedomWorks has put out requests for examples of IRS abuse from the tea party crowd, so they’re getting geared up to sue.

    This may actually be a way to destroy Obamascare.

  9. mesaeconoguy:

    Here is a nice timeline, and an (accurate) accusation of fascism:

    This isn’t going away anytime soon, and will likely get much worse for Barry.