That Whole "Banality of Evil" Thing

I can't help thinking of Adolf Eichmann when I look at 1) our Elvis-impersonating terrorist who thinks the local hospital is hoarding body parts and 2) the Chechnyan Beavis and Butthead who managed to kill and maim scores of people despite being bigger screwups than the entire Reservoir Dogs gang.

Don't let your freedoms be taken away by people who say such and such a place or event is vulnerable or open to attack.  If these guys can successfully terrorize people, there can't be any way to stop serious threats short of a North Korean police state.  Every occasion and location is theoretically vulnerable.  Our best protection is to build a society that eschews violence.  And, when someone does go off the farm, we want a society where there is no general toleration for the act.  In Chechnya or Syria or Iraq, these two boneheads would likely have found help and protection from some percentage of the population.  Not so in Boston, or anywhere else in America.

PS-  Today must have been CNN's wet dream.  This was like a real-life version of the Running Man (the enjoyable Richard Bachman aka Steven King book, not the awful movie), with similarly high ratings.


  1. Harry:

    Checking in, Warren

  2. Harry:

    Thanks for the help, Dog.

  3. HenryBowman419:

    The actions of the Mass. governor indicate to me that Massachusetts is already a police state. The populace of Boston and environs was ordered by the governor to cower like mice inside their homes, and they did (those who chose to go outside had a decent chance of getting gunned down by the police). One 19-yr old puke brought a city to a halt. Ironically, this occurred on the anniversary of the Lexington and Concord battles, where Massachusetts citizens sent the Brits packing. Seems to me that the Massachusetts police state had effectively become the British soldiers.

  4. john mcginnis:

    Yes, I would rather see a nation that is an informed, balanced pack, rather than a cowering, snivelling herd. The `leave it to the professionals` mindset has proven again and again to get massive numbers of the people under such management killed.

  5. john mcginnis:

    We should also note that the police did not find the second bomber a homeowner did. The police had already given up the search when he contacted authorities.

  6. dan:

    Must be a coincidence then that FEMA was doing a terror training in boston same day as the marathon, and the training just happened to be a bombing. Just like it was pure coincidence they were doing a terror training in Newtown the day sandy hook happened - oh what was that training, anyone remember? A mass shooting. CT State police on the scene in less than 5 minutes, beat all the local cops there, stationed a local at the entrance and inside that, all state police.
    So what of all the other garbage that happened, the internet bill, the gold slamdown, the torture report (what better way to justify enhanced interrogation than to have a terror attack....what better way to get people to think ARs are evil, have folks get shot up with one, if one wasnt used, invent it, the media is looking for it anyway...) or how about all those economic indicators that slumped like crazy after obama's meeting last week? The Fed's announcement that if a TBTF bank goes belly up, why then it will be time to stop socializing the losses and its Cyprus time in the US of A?

    Sorry, "the official" stories do not add up, not even close. We're being set up and its plainly obvious that R/D is dominated by a core of Statists.

  7. eddie:

    Hey, now. That movie was a lot of fun. I mean, come on. Richard Freaking Dawson!

  8. Russ R.:

    The movie "The Running Man" was unintentionally awesome for featuring two future state governors, Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    How many other films can make that claim?

    (Answer: 2 ... Predator along with Batman & Robin)

  9. skhpcola:

    Alex Jones and InfoWars are notoriously inaccurate sources of information. You appear to be moderately intelligent, except for your apparent tendency to believe outrageous bullshit. "The official" stories never add up until the facts of whatever incident are discovered, which takes time. What never adds up are the conspiracists' claims about...anything. You folks have an inordinate capacity for complicating things beyond any reasonable threshold.

  10. Tom:

    Check the reports on Drudge, Breitbart, Fox News, and this Sunday AM. The FBI has apprehended 3 others on "immigration violations" and is seeking the rest of a sleeper cell of up to 12 people. The authorities have confirmed that these 2 were not acting alone and received bomb-making training, possibly both in Russia/Chechniya (sp?) and in the USA with this cell.
    This story is not over, and it's clear the FBI royally screwed up here (by interviewing the older brother after a tip from Russia and then doing nothing). This is at least as messy as Benghazi, and there may be cells in many more places in the US like this. Don't assume this story is nicely tied up with a bow.

  11. Ted Rado:

    The danger of course is that we allow periodic horrible events to stampede us into doing stupid, autocratic things. In the same way that door locks, alarm systems, and gun ownership does not stop housebreaking completely, there is no way to stop terrible events all the time. We simply have to live with it. Efforts to stop such things totally will lead to an autocratic state, without stopping the events. I can't believe that that is what we want.
    The Israelis have learned to live in a violent world. We are way better off then they are, so let's not panic and be stupid.

  12. Ron H.:

    My thought exactly, and you're the first commentator I've read who actually stated it. The entire city of Boston obediently locked itself down while law enforcement searched for one armed 19 year old. Amazing!

  13. Scott M:

    One terrorist was on the loose and they put a section of Boston in essentially martial law. Businesses lost millions because of the shutdown.
    Also - the older brother Tamerlan was named after Tamerlane the "Sword of Islam", a famous Muslim warrior. What do you expect when you name your child with a name like that?

  14. obloodyhell:

    }}} or anywhere else in America.

    Oh, there are people already asking if their motivations were valid.

  15. obloodyhell:

    I would never trust AJ but it is interesting how consistently any of these events seem to also have a FEMA event going on virtually simultaneously. This can be confirmed via FEMA's own site, it's not something dependent on AJ & IW. I seem to recall seeing links (which I looked at at the time) to the FEMA site demonstrating this.

    Does FEMA hold SO many such events that it's a statistically reasonable coincidence?

  16. obloodyhell:

    I'd expect the media to be able to write 10 or more paragraphs on them which never ever manage to mention -- not once -- that they were Islamic.

    That's pretty much what I'd expect.

  17. obloodyhell:

    It may not have been as good as the story, but it was a fun movie... and, if the story was as sucky as The Stand, then I'll avoid reading either.

    P.S., the UNIQUE element of The Running Man is that it's the only movie in which Arnold gets killed on screen by a villain as Arnold. You can win bar bets on that one. It's a faux video sequence created by the bad guys but it's still on screen.

  18. nehemiah:

    Dan, loosen up that tin hat chin strap. I'm willing to concede that our government is no longer for the people and maybe even just a little bit against the people. But I don't think we've reached a point where they'd kill innocent Americans so that they can advance an agenda that is being advanced without such acts.

  19. nehemiah:

    Headline in local paper this morning, "Brothers appear to be motivated by faith". You have to get pretty far into the article to find out it is Islam. The left was hoping that the bombing could be laid on fundamentalist Catholics or perhaps Evangelical Christians so that the military wouldn't have to change their training materials that identify these two groups as potential threats.

  20. marque2:

    Seems like our Elvis impersonator has been suddenly let out of prison, after absolutely no traces of ricin, ricin making materials or even a blender were found at the guys home.

    Also FBI says it is low grade, which means 1: It was just ground up castor beans, and 2: It wasn't particularly toxic. You would have to ingest quite a bit for anything to happen.

    Seems like this story is getting quite fishy.

  21. Ed Darrell:

    Our best protection is to build a society that eschews violence. And,
    when someone does go off the farm, we want a society where there is no
    general toleration for the act. In Chechnya or Syria or Iraq, these two
    boneheads would likely have found help and protection from some
    percentage of the population. Not so in Boston, or anywhere else in

    Sanity and reason. Well, it's spring in much of the nation (you still in Arizona?). An old man's fancy may turn to thoughts that the idiots learned something during hibernation.

  22. Ed Darrell:

    There was terrorism training all over Texas last month -- but the West explosion waited until it had abated. Out of 15,000 school districts in the nation, about 10,000 of them conducted "terrorism training" since December, without incident.

    You got that from Alex Jones? He's selling lottery tickets, too, I take it. You've bought a few thousand?

  23. skhpcola:

    I wouldn't doubt that they are actually very active, OBH. Like bureaucracies stuffed with unaccountable apparatchiks everywhere, FEMA exists as a jobs program, primarily. And it's not like they have actual shit to do every day, other than "training" and exercising their author-uh-TAY. Sorta like when I was stationed at Ft. Hood and spent 60-70% of my time sucking dust in the field in support of III Corps jackasses who went home every night, while us lower-ranked folks had to sleep in tents. Like that.

  24. dc:

    "believing in outrageous bullshit" to me is believing what the government tells you the story is here, especially in light of the preponderance of holes in the story.

    you can hear the kid screaming "we didnt do it" - but of course one shot to the throat took care of him repeating that after he left the boat, and of course written confessions, yeah, that flies.

    so they found women's dna on the bomb fragments - ok - and the fbi supposedly said they have video of the bomb being planted.

    looks like we do too.

    whether or not the tsarnevs were patsies in this is way second to knowing who funded, trained, armed the operation.

  25. dc:

    sorry bro, if I'm told a story and it starts looking like a block of swiss cheese, I'm going to start wondering how those holes formed.

    while I'd like to believe our government isnt in the position of having realized it has so far overextended itself and sold itself out wherever it may, I wouldnt put anything past them - I mean really, if they'll do things like let pearl harbor happen just so they could declare war on japan...there's just too much evidence, and with the internet, too many ways for it to escape and become public knowledge.

  26. skhpcola:

    lolz! Whatever, dude. False flag operations are the mark of lunatics and Paultards. Have fun with that.

  27. dc:

    what an astute reply, thanks for taking the blue pill and becoming a useful idiot, helping mock those who dare question "The Official Story." enjoy your snooze with the rest of the sleeple!

  28. skhpcola:

    You posit retarded conspiracy scenarios, each of which would require a degree of complication and complicity that would make success impossible, and you want to tag my comment with a sarcastic "what an astute reply"? Hahaha! I would wager dollars to doughnuts that you are a Ron Paul sycophantic drooler. Those morons aren't the only ones that lack the mental acuity to recognize bullshit, but they are the most prominent idiots that aren't shy about confirming their retardation on public fora. Durr durr durrrrr! The black helicopters are probably hovering outside of your basement redoubt window should probably cower.

  29. dc:

    lol, so instead of actually using your brain and considering what fills the holes in the government's story, you say "that would be too complicated....dis-missed!"

    must be nice living in such a simple world where one can dismiss anything that doesnt quite sound right.

    still no actual rebuttal aside from argumentum ad veracundiam, argumentum ad absurdum. but I guess that doesnt bother a bear of little brain.