Site Mostly Fixed. Sorry for the Slug of RSS Feeds

OK, the Twitter problem was fixed by shifting from (which Twitter has apparently blocked) to for URL shortening.  For reasons I still don't fully understand, the Bad Behavior plugin was blocking the RSS feed to Feedburner.  My guess is that this may be something to do with an interaction with Incapsula.  I like Incapsula as a service, but they are constantly shifting their servers around so the .htaccess file and the proxy server list in Bad Behavior have to be constantly changed.


  1. mesaeconoguy:

    Liked the RSS firehose.

    No worries, Apple has much larger problems with the latest iTunes release – I just lost my entire Blues collection (“category search”) because I was editing at the wrong time.

    It froze the entire 12G machine. New iTunes thread usage is enormous, for the developers (not sure what that means, but I think its significant).

    Now it’s telling me there’s a fix.

    Steve Jobs, you never would have given the command to “fix it” without first assessing the risks for that fix.

    Tim Cook, your days are numbered.

  2. Thruppennybit:

    No need to apologise Warren - I'm enjoying spending a portion of Easter Saturday catching up on 2 weeks' worth of your posts