Rich People Acting Like Babies

I don't pay much attention to TV and entertainment news, but I found myself kind of fascinated by this train wreck.  

I was amazed at the stakes, how many hundreds of millions of dollars were on the line, based on small changes in the perceived likability of certain talking heads.

But I was even more amazed by how juvenile, thin-skinned, and emotionally-immature people making 10 million + salaries could be.  One woman, who had a reputation as a serious journalist (at least until she took a job on a morning show) breaks down into tears and goes into a year-long depression because she lost her job -- and was effectively given a $12 million severance, a figure well north of my lifetime cumulative income.  Jeez, who in this day and age has not lost a job, likely with no more to show for it than a box of their personal items and a security escort to the door?  Reading this thing I just wanted to keep shouting "grow the f*ck up!"


  1. Matthew Slyfield:

    If they were interested in growing up, they wouldn't be working in Television.

  2. SamWah:

    It's TV, Jake. That's how it is in TV.

  3. J.S.Bridges:

    The TeeVee Biz: Perfect refuge for the emotionally-fragile, highly-egotistical, essentially-immature fake-journalistic "personality"...