On The Right Not To Be Offended

From South Bend Seven

You can't define an appropriate environment as whatever the most easily offended person wants. Jezebel thinks you can, ought and must do it that way. But I know they're wrong. You know why? Because Jezebel itself thinks it's absurd. They're totally cool with using that standard when it comes to dick jokes, but when it comes to breast feeding suddenly it's outrageous (eg onetwo). Mothers can't be expected to make decisions based on the whims of whoever is most repulsed by strangers' breasts. Well guess what? That means I shouldn't be expected to conform my behavior to whoever leasts wants to overhear terrible puns about dongles.


  1. SamWah:

    I can be offended whenever I damn well please to be offended!

  2. perlhaqr:

    The difference, of course, being that women are oppressed by the Patriarchy, and therefore members of the Patriarchy need to shut up both when they are offending women, and when they are in turn offended by women.

    To them, it is not a contradiction.

  3. Matthew Walker:

    Or in plain English, they have the political clout to get away with it and you don't, so fsck you. OMG A NERDY SEX JOKE SAINTS PRESERVE US WHERE IS MY FAINTING COUCH!