Why Yes, I Am Confident in My Masculinity

This weekend I will be running (with my daughter) in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando.

Last weekend she and I went to the fabric store, bought a bunch of tulle (new word for me) and made her a tutu to run in.  Tested it out running 6 miles.  I think she found it liberating to run all around town in a tutu and a tiara.  Got lots of honks from cars that passed.

I will post a picture when I have one.  I will run in costume too, but don't expect too much.  I am a person who cuts off the end of my shoelaces when running distances to reduce weight, so my costume is not elaborate.

Update: Got my hair cut today. Another ounce shaved off


  1. john mcginnis:

    For some reason I envision the movie `Men in Tights` with a Nike flavor. But then that is just the Mel Brooks in me. :)

  2. Dan Terrill:

    If that doesn't win you the "World's Greatest Dad" trophy, I don't know what will.

  3. Matthew Slyfield:

    My all time favorite Mel Brooks movie is 'Dracula Dead And Loving It' Which managed to not only be exceptionally funny without making fun of the Dracula story but also managed to be a more faithful to the Brahms Stoker novel then most "serious" Dracula films.

  4. BGThree:

    "I am a person who cuts off the end of my shoelaces when running distances to reduce weight"

    A strategy that was of course pioneered by Oscar Pistorius.

  5. marque2:

    Have you all noticed though, it isn't the GOP screaming about Defense in the sequester, it is mostly Democrats, including the President, who are doing this to try to anger the GOP base and convince GOP congressfolk to change their vote.

    I have seen more on MSNBC about this than other channels.

  6. Earl Wertheimer:

    I'd pay money to see you running in a tutu too.

  7. SamWah:

    I had my spicions 'bout you.

  8. obloodyhell:

    Oh, that was mean. Amusing, but mean.

  9. obloodyhell:

    Doing it in a tutu. I'd pay for the trophy. Bet I could split it, too. :-D

  10. obloodyhell:

    Oh, come on. Clearly it would be either Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein.

    You're just a slave to Vampire Chic. :-D

  11. obloodyhell:

    Come on, Warren. If you were REALLY confident, you'd do it in a tutu with a tiara, too.

    With clear plastic ("glass") sneakers...

    AND post pictures on the net...


  12. mesaeconoguy:

    Hiding this from my wife (ex-Disney), and daughter. Do not ever give them this idea (or similar) again, coyote.