People Constantly Amaze Me

My company has an email list folks can join to get emails if we have jobs available.  We have about 15,000 people on the list and get hundreds of applications whenever there is a new job, even though we probably have fewer than 20 openings a year.   I got this email today from someone I suppose must have added his name to the list:

Do you know that since I signed up with youI have not recieved ONE e-mail from you about jobs ???  Are you holding out jobs for friends ? Do you just get people to sign up then forget them for fun ??  Or is it that you have no job leads ???
Why did I waste my time signing up with you ????????????

Certainly this man's willingness to turn the smallest frustration into an enormous imagined slight with hints of conspiracy is EXACTLY what we are looking for in our customer service staff.


  1. marque2:

    Dammit, I didn't get job offer or even an email from you either. What kind of two bit operation do you run :P

  2. What the...:

    It will shortly be followed by an email from the parent demanding to know why their gift of unstoppable greatness (to the world of course) has not be extended a job offer, sight unseen.

    Really though - up to 12 question marks. Easily confused too.

  3. wes dean:

    I agree, that guy was an idiot. It's much better to just collect. I hear Obama is going to extend the unemployment again. Hooray!

  4. Geoff:

    On the basis of your article he should have received up to 20 emails this year? So what is the purpose of the list?

  5. Tim:

    Sorry, but brings this to mind:

  6. marque2:

    I think the point is either through user error or glitch in the system his name was not put on the list. A better approach would be 1: either put your name on the list a second time or 2: Write a nice note explaining the situation. Dear Mr Warren I have been trying to enter my name on your jobs list with this this email, and it doesn't seem to be working - would you please do something to fix this -

    What we got instead was a rude rant. The rude rant is the issue.

  7. Geoff:

    Many thanks for the explanation. Maybe the sign up form should add something like - Unless you receive an automated response your name is not on the list. The automated response been as simple as "Thank you for entering your name you are now user 9999"

  8. Don:

    Well timing is everything! Just when you were about to have to send out a whole flurry of such emails in order to double your staff (after cutting their hours in half :^).

    Change you can believe in.

    FORWARD! (or is that "BACKWARD!", I get those confused these days).

  9. FelineCannonball:

    A big enough company can find a use for such people. We sent a guy like this to fulfill in person contracts in Columbia, or for working with other companies customer service when we didn't get any response for two weeks.

  10. nehemiah:

    It is more likely that jobs and applicants are filtered based on location. Why contact people 3-states away if you have potential applicants within easy reach of the job?