"Magnet spheres may soon be harder to acquire than ammunition in the U.S."

US Government harasses Buckeyballs out of existence.  We have two sets at home and my daughter in particular loves them.


  1. Erik Waibel:

    I have never forgiven those bastards for ruining my latter stages of childhood by banning Jarts (a game I loved to play with friends and family as a kid in the late 70s/early 80s). This is all too familiar to those of us that remember the Jarts saga. A small handful of foolish adults make lax judgment with their kids and faster than you can say "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN", the CPSC bans the "offending" product so that the vast majority of us are "saved" from our supposed own lack of common sense.


  2. mesaeconoguy:

    Yes, but I have 20 oz fizzly sodas, at will…

  3. Obloodyhell:

    Fired off a nastygram to the nanny police. All I can do.

  4. tjic:

    I bought ten or 15 sets in the final sale.

    I look forward to seeing them spread across a table and displayed in a CNN article at some point.

  5. Nehemiah:

    Now that the "nanny state" is paying for your healthcare you will see a lot more restriction in a number of areas. Bloombergology will spread far and wide. Get ready for "Meatless Mondays" seven days a week.

  6. sabre_springs_mark:

    I think it is overwrought to ban balls, but the problem is that parents do not keep powerful magnets away from small kids who eat them and have them pinch their bowls. When the bowls get infected the kid has to have them removed, and several have died.

    I personally wouldn't have known this is a danger to my kids (If I saw them trying to ingest I would tell them to stop it, but kids eat anything and parents can't watch constantly, and if not for the press releases, I wouldn't be so concerned about keeping the magnets away from the kids. So I am glad for the warning.