Just in Time for Star Wars 7....

...awesome Star Wars apparel.

PS1:  For some reason they STILL are not talking about doing the movie I think would be a layup to make awesome - Han and Chewie, the early years.  Meeting each other, smuggling, adventures, winning a starship from the only black man in the universe.

PS2:  The Star Wars prequel trilogy are really beautiful to watch, but horrendous as movies in large part because the dialog is so freaking awful.  I think someone should try to dub them with better dialog.


  1. anoNY:

    You should check out the reviews of the prequel trilogy on RedLetterMedia.com, if you have not already. They are epic takedowns of the prequels and are vastly more entertaining than the movies themselves.

    I for one am happy about the Disney purchase, because Lucas has shown that he should not be allowed to mess with the Star Wars franchise any more.

  2. Rich R:

    As I huge Star Wars fan ( I own almost every novel published since "Splinter of the Mind's Eye") I am cautiously optimistic. I think Warren is correct that Han and Chewie the early years would be a great way for Disney to get back into the storyline. The late Brain Daley published a trilogy on the very subject many years ago which could easily be converted to a screenplay or two...

  3. sabre_springs_mark:

    I watched 1 again, and found it to be better than I remembered when I watched in the theater. 1 poisoned me from watching 2 and 3. 2 I saw about two years ago, but it was so bad - thankfully I found a way to speed up the video 15% without changing the audio. Why would Queen Amidala go for such a whiny guy? Whining at women certainly doesn't work on earth.

  4. sabre_springs_mark:

    One was better than I remembered - maybe due to low expectations. Someday I will have to watch 3. But I don't know, I already know Anakin joined the Dark side because they claimed to have the better medical plan. If only the Universe had Obamacare then this would have never happened.

  5. SamWah:

    I hated the CGI--there was too much distraction in most every scene. And it didn't obscure the dialog.

  6. Rick C:

    As was mentioned, they already did novelizations of Han & Chewie meeting, and also quite a bit of Han's past. Regarding the plot of the movies, you might find darthsanddroids.net interesting--it's a screencap comic retelling of all 6 movies from the perspective of a D&D game in a universe where Star Wars never happened. Essentially they use images from the movies and weave an entirely new story that fits them.

  7. Nehemiah:

    Riveting, I must admit