When Video Works as an Education Tool

Generally, I get turned off by education video because I find the information bandwidth is often way too low.  I can read it faster, and get 99% of the benefit.

But this is a case where video explains in 60 seconds more than one could in a whole lecture.

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective from kogonada on Vimeo.

Link via Hit and Run


  1. MhAtl:

    Thanks for framing (no pun intended) this as an educational video rather than simply a compilation of cool but related shots. Put another way, your context was the difference between me learning something and me passively enjoying 1:42 of cool shots.

  2. Craig Limesand:

    That's how I feel about almost all videos. Just let me read it.

  3. richard:


    You think so? I can't show this to my 10 year old girl.

    I think it's useless.