Looper Was Pretty Good

I am generally skeptical of movies released in late September - after all, if the studio really had much hope for them, they would have released them in summer or waited for Christmas.  But I took my daughter because she is a Joseph Gordon Levitt fan, and it turned out to be solid.  Nitpickers need to put away the inevitable time-paradox-mistake criticisms, but we both enjoyed it.


  1. obloodyhell:

    It was decent but less than I hoped. The transitions were uneven in spots, and I kinda figured out the key "Who?" plot point LONG before it was clear. I also can see another ending less... "spectacular"... just to not give anything away. Someone who has seen it will get my meaning.

    It did not do for Time Travel what The Matrix did for Virtual Reality :-D

    I think people will enjoy it, but primarily most if they don't go in expecting A LOT.

  2. CTD:

    Check out "Primer" if you've never seen it. Best time-travel movie ever.


  3. obloodyhell:

    Well, I haven't seen Primer, but this one, though VERY VERY low budget, and does not take itself seriously, is a nice bit of fun...

    Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

  4. ABMM:

    I wanted to like Looper so much. But it was lazy writing and the worst of all movies relying on time travel to push the story IMO. Primer and 12 Monkeys were great.

  5. obloodyhell:

    LOL, B2tF, all three, were great :-D

  6. obloodyhell:

    That's one genre of SF that hasn't been used much, which is surprising as it's fairly cheap for sets and props and stuff -- alternate histories with some time travel element involved. It's a fairly rich genre, lots of stories and novels to adapt.