Shot Trying to Escape

It's become a joke of totalitarian states that prisoners killed by the state are all "shot trying to escape."  I can't get that phrase out of my head when I read this

A state crime lab report claims Chavis Carter, the man shot to death while handcuffed in the back of a Jonesboro, Arkansas police cruiser, committed suicide.

The left-handed Carter, the report claims, retrieved a 380-caliber Cobra semi-automatic, which he had managed to conceal from officers during two searches, and used his right hand to shoot himself in the head.


  1. cottonman:

    It is a totalitarian life that we now live in. Local/state police are financed by HomeLand Security with millions of dollars to do their dirty work. The Nazis did the same in France, i.e. hired local police to round up 'troublemakers'.
    I can only recommend that you read this book cause it's about taking a stand against tyranny. It's a great read about Americans who are fed up with corrupt politicians/government. I recommend it.
    We have all read of the recent former marine arrested for just making comments on FaceBook. We don't even have our freedom of speech any more. Good Lord!! What is the next freedom are we going to lose?

  2. Ravi:

    It's pretty common in India where the police do it on a regular basis. There is even a word for it -- "Encounter."

  3. obloodyhell:

    I don't believe we're as screwed up as cottonman, but the steady erosion of civil liberties and the general lack of ire on the part of the populace is not a positive thing, for sure.

  4. Aric Czarnowski:

    Ire has limited applications; it only works against majority issues that are obviously broken and marketable. Segregation, suffrage, etc. Big morals stuff. It's hard to apply big morals in favour of bad guys. There are not enough people who understand that protecting bad guys is important until they become one. At which point, go back to line 10.

    Frog boiling is a well practiced art and we've been in the pot for a while now. Bastards.

  5. Mark2:

    This case may be the cops direct fault, but we have a whole problem with police just being lazy and calling everything something else because they would rather eat donuts than bother to do an investigation.

    We have a whole spate of lazy cops. In CA we have the Spreckles case in Coronado (San Diego) where a gal managed to hang herself with her hands tied behind her back, and her feet bound. It was ruled a suicide.

    We also had the family, who completely disappeared without warning, without taking care of the dogs, or removing money from an account, whose car was found in a popular tourist transfer spot for day trips to Tijuana - called run always by San Diego police.

    A girl Amber who was murdered a few years back was also called a "run away" The same guy murdered another girl Chelsey King about a year later - but 2 months before the guy assaulted a jogger, who used a Jiu Jiustu punch to stop that attack, that was called a mere petty robbery attempt (how much money does a jogger have) and on the day of the murder of Chelsey, there was a report of weirdo hanging out at that park, police refused to investigate. This in addition to parole officers not caring about this guys whereabouts.

    Norcal had Jaycee Dugard. We always here how we are suppose to hold police in high regard, and celebrate them as we celebrate returning military vets, but I just see incompetent overpaid government employees, kinda half doing their jobs just like the rest of them.

  6. Rick C:

    From what I read, the guy had two friends with him. I haven't read anything to suggest they have stories radically different from the cops'. (I'm not trying to give the cops a pass here, but I would expect news reports to prominently mention his friends saying there's no way he would've done that, but I didn't see any such.)