Everyone's Snout is in the Trough

Economists advocate for Federal funding of economists.  Because if there is anything economics has taught us, its that the Feds do such a good job at allocating resources.

Via the Unbroken Window  (arguing against personal interest, I suppose, since the author is a professor of economics)


  1. Sam L.:

    What? Nobody's hiring economists?

    Given Paul Krugman, tarnishing all economists by his existence, I can see why not.

  2. delurking:

    Ok, I don't have a subscription so I can't read the whole thing, but:

    Don't economists already get federal funding to do research? Who pays for all those economists at the various Federal Reserve Banks to do all of those studies on the economy that they publish? What is the total budget for all of that research?

  3. caseyboy:

    If what economists did had value they would receive compensation. Given that they are economists they must understand this "economic" principle?