Wyoming Ranch

A family member is selling this beautiful ranch in Wyoming.  I can't afford it, but if you know someone who can it is a gorgeous location in the mountains adjacent to the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Sorry for the shameless promotion but the owner has some health issues and I agreed to help out a bit, despite the fact that I have absolutely no experience trying to sell something like this.


  1. Matt:

    I wish I could afford something like that. :-)

    Oh well, back to the salt mine.

  2. Orion:

    I think they should update the cabinet hardware to sell it. Was going to make a snarky comment about getting an FHA loan, but I kept it to myself. Good luck. Looks like a beautiful piece of property.

  3. LarryG:

    that's awesome country!!!! I wish I had concentrated on making millions instead of screwing around!

  4. W. C. Taqiyya:

    Hey no fair! You're doing shameless capitalism in front of the kids. :)

    I hear Ted Turner owns a few million acres out west someplace. You HEAR me Ted!?

  5. Thane Eichenauer:

    Helping out a friend; why apologize?

  6. PermaLurker:

    Damn, if I had 5 mil I snap that up in a heartbeat.

  7. Mike:

    I'm looking out the window this morning to a cold grey drizzle and when I turn to a favored blogger's site I see a beautiful open space in Big Sky country. What's more, I can actually have it for a cool 4.8m. 10 seconds of day dream bliss before grinding out another monday morning.

  8. Seb Tombs:

    This looks like a gorgeous piece of land that once gone will never be re-acquired.
    Your relative lucked out buying it when s/he did, & odds are those conditions will never happen again.
    If it were in my family, I'd be contacting every relative & friend I know to form a partnership to keep it in known hands, rather than risk having it bought by some random person & perhaps/probably developed.
    Hell, if I were in your relative's shoes, & I could use the tax deduction, I'd donate it to the abutting National Forest!
    Your relative should watch "The Descendants" - in this overpopulated world, you don't lightly relinquished a good, unspoiled piece of land!