Sign the Petition for a "Do not Kill" List


  1. Evil Red Scandi:

    But if I were a dictator, I'd just take that petition and make a "Kill list" out of it.

  2. Jon:

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking, once you sign the list you get put on the "known" terrorists list. We all know people that want the government to adhere to the constitution are terrorists.

  3. LarryG:

    yup.... and the whole point of the "petition" is basically more thinly-disguised anti-Obama drum-beating...

    isn't it interesting that on one hand - he is aid to be "weak" on National Defense but then at the same time he is accused of "killing" people.... Holy Moly!

    Oh.. and it's "terrible" that he's "killing" these "combatants" rather than kidnapping them, holding them incognito and water-boarding them!

    It's almost like there is the neocon way of conducting foreign policy and the wrong ways.


  4. me:

    Meh - why would one not want to beat the drum against a sitting US president who has decided that he has the right to unilaterally and without review decide who ought to be killed on sight without due process?

    Also, Larry, as for your second objection about killing people instead of holding and waterboarding them - one act is more despicable than the other.

  5. LarryG:

    re: despicable acts

    agreed... did not seem to have that quandary though until this guy became Prez....

  6. NormD:

    So an American could be running a death camp, but Warren would be opposed to killing him without a trial?

    This petition could only be suggested by a person who has an infantile understanding of history.

    I have been watching "Hitlers Henchmen" on the History Channel. There ARE evil people in the world. They need to be killed.

  7. SuperMike:

    Shouldn't we all be on the do-not-kill list, without having to opt-in?

  8. Brian Dunbar:

    This petition could only be suggested by a person who has an infantile understanding of history.

    You have looked at where it hosted, yes?

    It's satire.

  9. Rusty:

    Hey NormD.

    I'm hoping your reply is satire.

    If not, I say YOU are running a death camp and need to be summarily killed. No evidence needed, no recourse, no trial. Just some press secretary up at a podium saying you were a bad man and needed killing. Hell, let's all get in on the act. Free serial murdering for everyone!!! (but just for the ones that "need killin'"- let's keep it honest now). We can finally move from a Service-economy to a Death-based economy!!

    Sounds good, right?

    The only one with an infantile understanding of history is YOU.

    When governments are given (or seize) the power to summarily kill their own citizens they will do so ad infinitum. Governments have murdered more of their own people than you can possibly even imagine.

  10. MJ:

    You have looked at where it hosted, yes?

    It’s satire.

    Perhaps, but looks like the Administration is mocking those who rightly criticize its abuses of executive powers.