Predicting Netquakes

No matter what the SCOTUS decision on health care, the Internet is going to go apeshit tomorrow.


  1. Rob:

    I hold the same sentiment, but which pundit should I watch or listen?
    Rush? Stewart? Maddow? Maher? O'reilly? ... I'm like a kid in a candy shop!

  2. sch:

    No matter which way it goes, "the sky is falling" will be the sentiment, may be blue maybe red but either way will be a 'disaster'.
    Republicans I think are at higher risk than Democrats: if ACA is junked in part or whole, the red types don't have a clue what
    to do. If the ACA passes muster, the red types will have to wait til Nov et seq to respond. Obama can spin it either way in a
    manner acceptable to his fans and the fans don't have any inkling of the fiscal mess the ACA represents in 8-10yrs.