YouTube Mysteries

Via my daughter.  It's a suckers game to try to analyze what is popular on YouTube, but the view count for this video is just staggering.  It apparently also has about a thousand imitators.  If I am going to watch a cover video, why wouldn't I rather one with LA cheerleaders?  But I have to credit Harvard as a trendsetter.  Who knew there could be a whole new genre of videos about lip syncing pop tunes in a moving passenger van?


  1. Kevin Jackson:

    Keep in mind the view count includes people who watched the video for just long enough to realize it's not worth watching--people like me.

  2. Jesstine:

    Yes, be careful in posting and watching any videos . Some of them can help but most of them can be a bad influence to your kids.


  3. happyjuggler0:

    The Harvard baseball team video was posted on Mankiw's blog the day after the video was posted to YouTube, if memory serves (on the date that was definitely on Mankiw's blog).

    Mankiw's blog has a large regular readership....

  4. happyjuggler0:

    Ok, after checking out the facts, I stand corrected...Mankiw posted it 4 days after it was posted on YouTube.

  5. IGotBupkis, Poking Fun At President Downgrade For 4 Years and Counting...:

    The general meme seems to have spread -- for all those hundreds of similar videos, they are going to, one way or another, link someone back to that original Harvard video if the people dig into it at all, and there's a pretty good chance that in the comments someone is going to say "this is a rip-off of Harvard's vid" and link to it, which causes it to get feed-in traffic from all those others.

    Then there's the possibility that whoever is marketing Jepsen is promoting the hell out of it by cross-posting refs to the various vids in all sorts of places... and those, like yours, reference a specific variant as well as the Harvard vid.

    I mean, you can pretty much bet this is going to make her stock spike for at least a little time. Regardless of the fact that she's just another in a string of almost indistinguishable singers.