Great Moments In Public Sector Compensation

I can't confirm this by Randal O'Toole is usually pretty much on top of Portland transit issues:

Portland’s TriMet agreed to allow transit workers to retire at age 55 after as little as ten years on the job and gave them and their families free medical care (with a $5 co-pay, no deductible) for life (plus 16 years after the retiree’s death for their families). As a result, health-care costs have grown from $18 million in 2000 to $68 million next year and projected to rise to $153 million–40 percent of the agency’s 2010 operating budget–by 2020.



  1. perlhaqr:

    Brilliant work.

  2. me:

    I am so moving to Portland. Deal of a lifetime...

  3. Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master and Gourmand:

    Hey, if we keep it down to one employee per rider on the Portland transit system, that's only a couple hundred thou a year.

  4. GrumpyOne:

    Heh... For a real lesson on out-of-control public pensions, check out the mess that RI is in.

    My old home state has done themselves proud at being a Jr. California.

    Spend today and let someone else worry about it tomorrow...