Fox Pulls Avengers From Theaters After Just 4 Days

OK, not really.  But it is Joss Whedon.   Being a Firefly fan-boy and one of apparently only 12 people who "got" Dollhouse and liked it, I am happy to see Whedon's success with the Avengers.  I'll be at Comicon this summer (yes, I am that big of a geek and besides my family will be in San Diego anyway on vacation) and I am thinking Whedon is virtually a lock to make an appearance.


  1. me:


    Thank you. :)

  2. Gil:


    I saw it this weekend (in 3D) and really liked it. Fun, and smart.

    I suspect Joss will have his pick of projects after this success. Good for him. And, good for us!

  3. Sol:

    Dollhouse was great. And to be fair to Fox, at least it got 20+ episodes and fair warning to wrap things up.

  4. gRegor:

    Count me as one of those twelve! Woo! :]

  5. Johnathan:

    Maybe Whedon will make enough money to buy out Fox and shut them down :)

  6. Evil Red Scandi:

    Heh... I've been wanting to see it, but apparently I'm cursed. Dropped by the theater the first time without tickets (yeah, retarded) and it was sold out for the rest of the day. Got to the theater today, tickets, nice seats.... IMAX projector broke.

    One of these days... one of these days...

  7. Dan:

    Very funny. I also liked Dollhouse.

  8. Rich:

    Definitely looking forward to ComicCon, hopefully Whedon will show. That being said, I don't know if it will be worth standing in line for several days...

  9. morganovich:

    bring back firefly!

  10. Evil Red Scandi:

    I've been to many ComicCons in San Diego - I lived across the street from the convention center for years, and could always score free passes from someone, somewhere. We'd enjoy checking out lots of the panels and appearances, but it's gotten stupid crazy in the last few years. Admittedly, I'm not much of a fanboi, but the ROI for the amount of time you need to spend in line to get into the most popular rooms has soared far and beyond my threshold of acceptability. The show itself is still a lot of fun - lots of cool costumes, etc. But much of it has turned into the drudgery of pre-ExpressPass Disneyland.

    Also, bring back Firefly. Seriously.

  11. elambend:

    Your family with conveniently be in San Diego on vacation at the same time as comicon

  12. Philip Ngai:

    Another Firefly and Dollhouse fan here.

  13. Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master:

    >>> Fox Pulls Avengers From Theaters After Just 4 Days

    Why not? It's already made its money back.


  14. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States:

    I loved Dollhouse, but unfortunately, as with much of Whedon's stuff, it was too intelligent a show for the usual audience.

    I was editor for the show on a TV-episode related info site (kinda like IMDB), and asked in one of the forums why, if people weren't watching the show, why not.

    The answers I got back, while far from a statistical universe were pretty much broke down to "I couldn't categorize the show and its characters within 30 minutes, so I stopped watching."

    *sigh*. Fox gave it a chance, so you can't blame them. NBC gave other shows chances, too -- Notably Journeyman, also a really smart, interesting show.

    All that happened is that the network execs were proven right. While it's possible for a show to pick up via word of mouth, if it hasn't done so within a couple airings, they might as well save their money and cancel it.

    I'm not going to rail against short sighted network execs ever again -- they only mirror short-sighted TV viewers. Audiences get the TV they deserve, for the most part.

    BTW -- Dollhouse fans: Did you spot Enver Gjokaj in The Avengers?

    Also, one hopes y'all were smart enough to realize that "The Marvel film ain't over until the MPAA's Fat Lady sings..." And sat through to the very, very end for the final scene? One of the three best in the movie, by my lights, the other being Loki vs. Hulk and The Hulk's "cheap shot".

  15. SR:

    The movie, IMHO was really only OK, but agree Loki vs. Hulk was the best part.

  16. me:

    OMG, finally managed time to see it. It's so good to see what Whedon can do even with material as dry as this. Brilliant dialogue, some extra depth under the get-back-the-object-from-the-evil-guy plot and absolutely pitch-perfect casting. He's fantastic at ensemble movies. This is the first superhero movie I enjoyed all the way through with no reservations.

  17. Evil Red Scandi:

    I finally saw it as well, and enjoyed it (the wife didn't care for it). Anyway, the abridged script (for those not in the know, these are done by a group that mocks the heck out of movies in shortened script re-writes - usually extremely funny) is up:

  18. obloodyhell: