Totally Irresponsible

I am seldom surprised at NBC's behavior -- after all, this is the network that ran the exploding pickup truck story, only to admit later that it put model rocket engines in the fuel tanks to ignite the cars during simulated crashes because the they weren't catching fire on their own.

But NBC's editing of the Zimmerman 911 tapes to make them more inflammatory really sets a new low.  The country was practically on the verge of race riots, with groups actually posting dead-or-alive bounties for Zimmerman, and NBC purposefully edited the tape from neutral to incendiary?


  1. Mark:

    The problem is that this stuff "works" to create their intended message and there really are few repercussions. Sad state of our biased media.

  2. Anonzmous:

    wasn't that ABC that faked the chevy truck fuel tank explosions?

  3. Mark2:

    @Anonzmous It was Dateline NBC

    60 minutes, CBS did something similar to Audi 5000 cars where they drilled holes in the transmission to get the car to accelerate unintentionally.

  4. Anonzmous:

    Nope, you are right. NBC Dateline. It was ABC that had earlier aired the reports on the "studies" that showed Fords exploded with incendiary devices were placed under the gas tank, leaving out the key detail...incendiary devices.

  5. Don:

    I'm wondering how many millions Mr. Zimmerman will win when the sues the crap out of NBC. What they did is quite clearly slander.

  6. marco73:

    You mean the NBC that has race-baiter Al Sharpton as on air talent? That NBC? Yes, yes, I'd certainly expect them to act in a professional manner.

  7. MNHawk:

    I read that Richard Jewell got $500,000 from NBC, due to celebrated JounoHacks such as Tom Brokaw opined, "The speculation is that the FBI is close to making the case. They probably have enough to arrest him right now, probably enough to prosecute him, but you always want to have enough to convict him as well. There are still some holes in this case."

    Yes, there were holes in the case.

  8. Sam L.:

    I thought it was CBS that did it. It was the "60-minute show" that got me.