Presented without comment, via WUWT:


  1. Chris:

    Hmmm, one of the presenters is an attorney...

  2. Benjamin Cole:

    Why are some liberals so silly?

    Or, is this a put-on?

    It's like listening to gold nuts talk about the yellow metal as salvation.

  3. Bram:

    The psychological effects of warm sunny days, seriously?

    I wonder what the effects of another Little Ice Age would be?

  4. DKH:

    Global warming possibly linked to an enhanced risk of suicide: Data from Italy, 1974–2003

  5. me:

    ROTFL. Brilliant.

    I will note that if the current debate goes on for much longer, I will have to consider anger management training, so there is some foundation to research in that area... ;)

  6. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in 57 States:

    Indeed, planet of the freaking loons, all of whom have conducted highly successful self-trepanning efforts, while doing about 10 milligrams of LSD, and in spite of the difficulties represented by their being exceptionally severe cases of Cranio-Rectal Insertion Syndrome.

  7. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States:

    The mind just flat out boggles.

  8. marco73:

    They want more money. Preferably your money.

  9. Hasdrubal:

    Why does that image keep making me think of a Dungeons and Dragons monster?

  10. epobirs:

    Once again, they've got it backwards. An increased level of mental disorders lead to a widespread belief in an imminent AGW catastrophe.

  11. Sam L.:

    I see it as all those warmenists making people crazy. They are themselves crazier.

  12. howard luken:

    This is merely the beginning of the destruction of the country. Ask anyone from the former zionist soviet union. Psychiatry meant the gulag. The american gulag is already in place. They're just waiting for the time to put us all in it. Do something now. This is no joke people.